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Financial Data Management and Analysis For Your Family Law Matters

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Features of Settlyd

  • Settlyd Performs Net Available Income Analysis for Alimony Issues

    Settlyd allows members to analyze the totality of the income present in a case. This includes income from any source, whether it is taxed at a full or reduced level. As Net Available Income can be an important consideration in the overall financial picture of a case, our Net Available Income analysis tools and calculators allow for all income sources to be considered using current federal income tax tables. As well, since Settlyd is cloud based, as new tax tables become available, they are automatically integrated into the calculations with no need for the user to install any new software.

    Our tools allow for an endless number of standalone or side-by-side comparisons. Settlyd also allows for any analysis to be generated in captioned PDFs for use in client meetings, further case analysis, negotiations or submission to the Court.

  • Settlyd Provides Simplified Organization, Management and Use of Data

    Settlyd organizes and saves all financial data in a safe, intuitive and organized fashion. Members create separate client matters for each of their cases. All data management remains unique to that specific matter and is securely saved in the cloud. Data can also be generated in PDF format that can be saved locally or for use as needed during any aspect of litigation, mediation or client meeting. Settlyd even allows PDFs to be noted as "For Settlement Purposes Only."

  • Settlyd Ensures your Data is Safe, Secure and Available When Needed

    Feel safe and secure knowing that your data is stored on United States based cloud servers. These servers are encrypted and monitored continuously, 24/7/365, to ensure your data remains free from outside intrusion or unauthorized access.

    Because Settlyd is cloud based you can access your data whenever needed from anywhere you have internet access.

    All user payments are processed through LawPay using their encrypted and secure servers. Settlyd is formulated to provide further internal data protection in that no sensitive data or information is required or stored on the Settlyd servers.

  • Settlyd Updates are Automatic so Members are Always up to date

    Settlyd is cloud based which means that members don’t have extra software using up space on their machines. In fact, there is nothing to download.

    Settlyd is always current with all State Child Support Guidelines, tax tables and other relevant formulas and information. Members can rest assured that when they log into Settlyd any updates will automatically be available to them with no action required.

    Part of our goal is to make sure we provide the most up-to-date information so members can spend more time on their cases.

  • Settlyd was Created by Family Law Attorneys for Family Law Attorneys

    Based on over 35 years litigation and mediation experience in the family courts Guy Vitetta and Sean Keefer realized a cloud-based approach for centralized management and access to financial data would improve the way lawyers handled family law matters.

    By Lawyers for Lawyers is our core philosophy.

    We have also learned that the greatest resource for future upgrades and added features is feedback and suggestions from our members. Many of the current features on the site have come as suggestions from our members and we always invite comments and feedback.

    As we continue to grow, we will continue to provide more tools to allow members to focus on their cases and clients in the most efficient fashion possible.

  • Settlyd allows clients to be involved in the initial input of financial information

    Settlyd provides two approaches for the entry of financial data.

    First, members can enter applicable data by moving from field to field in the financial data section eliciting information from the client in an interview fashion. This data will then be securely saved in the cloud for later use and analysis.

    Secondly, Settlyd has a unique client portal where members can generate a secure, password protected link for clients to allow individual clients to access and enter their unique data. Clients will be prompted to enter financial data that will be saved securely to their unique client file. This information can later be reviewed by members for use in the financial analysis and management of the client’s case. Members also control the client’s access to the portal meaning clients can be restricted from altering previously entered data. This feature will even allow clients to provide data in advance of their initial meeting, thus streamlining the information gathering process for members.

  • Settlyd Automatically Generates Financial Declarations and Financial Affidavits.

    Once a client’s financial data is entered into the Settlyd database, Settley will automatically populate a case captioned financial declaration or financial affidavit.

    Settlyd can then generate a case captioned PDF that is ready for use for court, client meetings, negotiations or mediation. It is really that simple!

  • Settlyd Automatically Populates and Creates Marital Asset Spreadsheets

    Organizing and analyzing what can be extensive data for the division of property in asset division cases can be a time consuming and labor intensive process. Settlyd automatically populates an Asset Division Spreadsheet following the entry of financial data into the database. Once the Division Asset Spreadsheet is populated, Settlyd allows for the data to be analyzed, organized and processed to effectuate unique divisions in every case.

    The marital estate can be handled as a whole or assets can be micromanaged as need be to customize a division unique to a particular matter. Changes made on an Asset Division Spreadsheet can be saved and updated in the database so changes will also appear on financial declarations or financial affidavits, or changed data can be restricted to the Asset Division Spreadsheet.

  • Settlyd Calculates Child Support Based on State Child Support Guidelines.

    Settlyd uses the exact formulas required by the state for the determination of child support. If the state guidelines are updated, Settlyd will automatically reflect those changes. All child support calculations can be printed and saved in case captioned PDF format.

    In addition to (and based upon) the state guidelines, Settlyd provides additional child support calculators to aid in the analysis of unique scenarios users may encounter, such as child support cases that are in excess of the state guidelines, third party custodial matters and net available income calculations.

  • Specialty Calculators

    Settlyd also provides specialty tools to assist with other aspects of your family law cases. For instance, Settlyd provides an overnight calculator to aid in determining the number of nights each parent would have in a particular time sharing arrangement. Settlyd also provides a calculator to determine the martial portion of pension or retirement accounts.

Settlyd is available in, and being used, by family law practitioners and professionals throughout North and South Carolina.

Learn more about Settlyd

Since Settlyd is web based, there’s nothing to download. Whenever and wherever you have an internet connected iPad, laptop or desktop, you can access and manage any of your case information.

Settlyd was created by Guy Vitetta and Sean Keefer, two Family Law Attorneys in Charleston, South Carolina with a combined 35+ years of litigation, mediation and arbitration experience in the Family Courts. By lawyers, for lawyers has been our core philosophy from inception, and you will love the way Settlyd seamlessly integrates into your Family Law practice.

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