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How to Be a Successful Divorce Attorney


In the world of law, being a divorce attorney is a highly competitive business. It is an aggressive job that requires the ability to attract many new clients. Of course, in order to have a successful practice, one has to consistently bring in new business, which can be a difficult task sometimes.

Here are 3 beneficial tips on how to be a successful divorce attorney:

1. Attract new wealthy clients

First of all, bringing in new business, especially wealthy clients, is significant for a divorce attorney’s practice. In order to do this, a divorce attorney should establish their practice as a professional brand. Having a substantial professional brand will give you the credibility. Therefore, a divorce attorney can win over various new, wealthy clients with their high recognition.

2. Hire skillful junior divorce lawyers

Another great idea is to bring on skilled junior divorce lawyers to your divorce practice. In fact, a study stated that about 20 percent of the surveyed divorce practices successfully flourished over three consecutive years by hiring new, talented junior lawyers. Although hiring new employees will add some expenses to the practice, the potential to influence them can be financially satisfying.

3. Aim to cross-market additional legal services

A majority of lawyers do not believe in cross-selling additional legal services because they do not think it is crucial to their practice’s affluence. However, a successful divorce attorney should actually engage in cross-marketing rather than cross-selling these services. If it is done effectively, a divorce attorney should educate and cross-market these services to their clients, which can include accountants, wealth managers, other types of lawyers, etc.

Asking your clients questions, establishing their wants and needs, and personally getting to know them will increase the client’s dependence on you as well as your business. Therefore, you can successfully cross-market other legal services without an issue.

Overall, being a zealous divorce attorney takes a good amount of effort, time, and mindfulness. However, the rewards of being a successful attorney and have a prospering divorce practice are considerable.