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Establishing Trust with a Client

When building a relationship with any client, it is essential to establish trust, whether personal or business, no matter what profession you are in. Trust is especially important to convey when you are a lawyer because it is the quality that will make your lawyer and client relationship the most effective.

So how can you build this client trust? Evidently, it takes small everyday efforts and a sincere desire. But, by also sticking to these following suggestions and golden rules, your client will be able to confide in you in no time:

1. Know yourself

In order for your client to perceive you as authentic and trustworthy, it is essential to simply know yourself. Knowing yourself means you have a secure idea of who you are, you know what your strengths and motivations are, and you have an idea of how you come across to others. Representing yourself as a secure and confident person to others can improve your interactions with clients, assisting you to build that trust.

2. Appeal to the nature of others

To encourage trust, you must cater to your clients and key stakeholders needs and wants. With that said, discover who they are and observe their motivations. A client who places a high value on being personally connected to their lawyer will not be impressed by someone who cuts right to the chase. Thus, try to dedicate the beginning of meetings to non-business chat. For someone who always wants all the details, it is vital to provide all information necessary and come to the meetings prepared.

3. Keep your “trust account” in the black

In Stephen Covey’s article, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” he describes the concept of a trust account. Essentially, we each possess a certain amount of trust in our accounts at the beginning of every single relationship we have. If one wishes to increase this account, he or she may engage in trustworth deeds. Nevertheless, small repeated actions that occur as untrustworthy to others can progressively damage the trust account, leaving one bankrupt.

4. Follow “the Golden Rules of Trust”

Lastly, it is beneficial to adhere to these rules every day:

  • Make decisions quickly

  • Respect other people’s perspectives

  • Walk the talk

  • Be clear from the start

  • Always communicate

Ultimately, building client trust is easier said than done. However, following these recommendations can assist one to build a successful relationship of trust.