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Child support extrapolations for shared parenting plans

The intent of the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines is that child support in shared parenting plans is directly related to the number of overnights the visiting parent enjoys with the child or children in a a particular case. 

Settlyd's Excess Income Calculator is designed not to return a static child support amount that is applicable to any arrangement at the examined income level, rather it is designed to give an analysis of two different approaches- a continually increasing and a capped model. This information, together with other facts relative to a particular case, can be extremely useful in determining a range of child support, helping to narrow possibilities, and, most importantly, starting a conversation as to resolution of child support issues.

While there is not a static approach for an excess Schedule C calculation, it is possible to use Settlyd's child support calculators to assist in determining child support when  overnights are in excess of 109 and the parties' income exceeds $30,000 per month.

First, use Settlyd's Excess Calculator to run the extrapolation.

Settlyd will provide "book ends" using both the "ever increasing" and "diminishing" theory of extrapolating child support when income exceeds the Guidelines.

Next run a standard Schedule C worksheet.

Now enter the same data on a Schedule A worksheet.

With all three calculations completed, the analysis begins... considering the % difference between the Worksheet  A and C calculations. This % differential can be used as a component in considering the fairness of the extrapolated excess guideline calculation. Caution is advised in using a static formula, such as the % differential, as many other considerations may be involved.

Settlyd provides the tools that will allow you to find a number, but whether or not it is fair will be determined by the totality of the circumstances, as the child support guidelines require.