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Calculating alimony in the Carolinas

For many of us, the North Carolina and South Carolina alimony statutes create more conflict than guidance.  These statutes places a high degree of discretion on the Court when making an award of alimony or spousal support.  Without a clear, precise, and reasoned demand from one of the parties, a Court can err greatly and leave a family member in a state of financial distress.

So how to prevent a financial catastrophe?

First, we need to figure out how much money each party reasonably needs on a monthly basis.  This means that we need to try to establish enough support from available income to support two households from funds that were previously used to support one.  

Settlyd's Alimony Calculator is designed specifically to address this situation.  Settlyd's Alimony Calculator will allow you to target a desired income, and Settlyd will provide the appropriate Child Support and Alimony to reach that target.

In other matters there can be enough money to support two households, but what is fair?  Settlyd's Net Income Calculator allows us to fine tune each parties income, needs and expenses to a precise monthly figure.  I find this calculator very helpful in establishing long term support obligations as it accounts for all taxes and "page 2" reasonable expenses.

The bottom line is we do not have to guess what our judge would do with a given set of facts. Settlyd provides all the tools needed to precisely determine support awards for the specific needs of a family.

Be well,

Guy Vitetta

Charleston South Carolina